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A major UK automotive brand measuring Customer Experience for retail service customers was not evaluating how Warranty customers were being treated during visits to dealerships.

The challenge was to identify the gaps in the Customer Journey, in order to deliver an experience equal to that of a retail customer, without compromising the results of the customer satisfaction programme already in place.


The challenge required aura to differentiate between new customers and those visiting dealerships for Warranty claims into its existing customer satisfaction programme. This would ensure that dealers focussed on both groups equally using the present electronic surveys and the Customer Experience Management Portal. Crucially, the original use of the data – to report upon dealer performance to European and Head office and make quarterly bonus evaluations, should not be negatively impacted.

By separating Warranty customers in the source data and asking them an identical, but technically separate survey, aura were able to identify the Warranty customers throughout the interview process. This enabled the existing scores to be kept undiluted, but all surveys completed by Warranty customers were displayed alongside those of retail customers to ensure the same emphasis was placed on both.

Comparison and analysis of the two groups of results at an individual level initially backed up the suggestion that dealers focussed less on those making Warranty claims. But highlighting the problem led to considerable improvement and narrowing of this gap over the next 6 months. The improvement was such that the client decided to assimilate Warranty customers’ survey responses into the service scores used for bonus payments and head office reporting.

aura already provided a successful customer satisfaction programme using electronic surveys and an interactive Customer Experience Management Portal to allow dealers to review real-time customer feedback and live scores. This programme was used to measure dealer performance for the payment of quarterly bonuses, as well as reporting to European and Global head office. The client required aura to incorporate customers visiting dealerships for warranty claims into the existing Customer Experience Management Portal, without having a negative impact on the current measuring system, while at the same time ensuring the same level of focus from the dealers.

By constantly measuring the responses of these Warranty customers and analysing the performance at individual level, the performance was improved over the next 6 months. Such was the improvement that the warranty customers' survey responses were later assimilated into the service scores used for bonus payments and head office reporting.

aura’s unique approach to the issue allowed the client to improve an area where they previously had no visibility or control. By ensuring focus through the Customer Experience Management Portal, warranty customers became as valued by dealers as retail customers.